A software that is used to securely manage medical images for clinical trials


How does it work

Case Float facilitates the secure transmission and management of medical images from hospitals, diagnostic labs and clinical sites to centralized research facilities, pharma companies, medical device companies (called channels).

Customized to the healthcare industry, Case Float is an all-in-one application that can collect and submit patient data for review and enrolment in clinical trials based on various machine learning processes.

How it works


A web-based server application that accepts multiple requests from clients (Sites), sequence, order, parse, sort, de-identify, machine learn, distribute as per manual or programmable results to facilitate further submission into expert led decision making processes.

This module is represented by a team of experts from the Screening Committee, Core Lab as well as the Clinical Site. Screening Committee users can view uploaded images/video which are submitted by the clinical site team and accept or reject them based on the possibility that the device will cure the patient. Both parties can chat, if required.


It is a mobile app that can be used by the clinical sites / hospitals to begin the screening process by uploading images and videos about the patient’s medical condition.

This module also allows a new user to register on the platform by creating an account and entering mandatory details.

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